River Flow

The Water Closet, Feb 8, 2013

FISH AND MEN    An old Closeteer and his wife were given a beautiful gift last week. A half-dozen yellow perch shone their wonderful gold and pink-oranges in waning afternoon light. An ice fishing friend brought them directly from their home in Putnamville Reservoir, Danvers. The grateful recipients quickly cleaned the fish with some sadness. Cleaned is a blasphemous verb…
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The Water Closet, Jan 25, 2013

BOLDLY GREEN    In the latter half of the nineteenth century, presidents including Abraham Lincoln, and congresses joined businessmen in bold and massive ways to tie the nation together in a web of fast rail; fast compared with canal boat, horse and wagon. Generous subsidies were granted and loose laws passed to promote tracks and trains. The results were remarkable.…
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The Water Closet, Jan 11, 2013

WATERY STAIRWAY TO THE SEA      A major stream Middletonites call Emerson Brook slowly makes it way from North Reading and North Andover through Middleton to the Ipswich River. Human and beaver dams have made it a stairway with up to mile wide treads and several-foot high risers. When not frozen descent/ascent reminds us of canal locks. The Indians prized…
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