We are honored to receive ECCF's seal of approval.

We are honored to receive ECCF’s seal of approval.

Ipswich River Watershed Association runs on the financial, emotional and volunteer support of people like you.  We’re the voice of the Ipswich River – and when people like you join us, our chorus grows louder.  To join the chorus, click here.

River Stewards

This leadership group of donors each provide $1,000 or more in support through membership, Annual Appeal or other gifts. Your support makes a world of difference! Learn more.

Host Michael Greene, Fred Winthrop and new Trustee Bobbi Whiting catch up at the River Steward party.

Wayne Castonguay gives River Stewards an Insider Update on working together to take advantage of this limited time of heightened concern to solve the river’s problems once and for all.

River Steward Dave Comb and brother Mark put in at Winthrop St and raise a paddle for the river.

River Steward Dave Comb (bow) and brother Mark put in at Winthrop St and raise a paddle for the river during Paddle-a-thon 2016.

Chris and Deborah Abbott
Analog Devices, Inc
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
AYCO Charitable Foundation
Fiona Stewart & Mark Avenmarg
Peggy Badenhausen and Tom Kelly
Christine L. Barensfeld
Ray and Joan Best
Susan K. Boreri
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borsetti
Donald Bowen, Jr.
Andrew and Susan Brengle
Herb Brown
Cell Signaling Technology
Linda Coe
Sandy and Janice Colby
Timothy R. Collins
David Comb
Don and Linda Comb
Marilyn J. Comb
Cross Insurance
Joan P. Cudhea
Helen Danforth
Chris Eaton and John Greenbaum
EBSCO Publishing
James V. Ellard
Essex County Community Foundation
Essex National Heritage Commission
Jerome Farnsworth
Richard and Linda Fates
Jamie and Maureen Fay
John Fiske and Lisa Freeman
The Gaffney Foundation
Gina Snyder and Bo Garrison
Angela W. Getchell
Graystone Consulting
Michael and Phyllis Greene
Charles and Natasha Grigg
Dan and Elizabeth Harrigan
George and Marina Hatch
Whitney and Tizzy Hatch
Timothy T. Hilton
Lily Rice Hsia
Timothy A. Ingraham
Institution for Savings
Ipswich Ale Brewery
Richard and Sonya Jacobson
Allison Ryder and David Jones
Martine D. Kellett
Kelly Automotive Group
Holly Langer
Miriam Lasher
Ken and Amy MacNulty
Noel Mann
Mary and Jim Steggall Charitable Fund
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Elton McCausland
Meridian Associates
Painey and Barbie Metcalf
Alan and Karen Morrell
Stonehearth Capital
National Wildlife Federation
New England Biolabs Foundation
New England Biolabs Inc.
Barbara Ostberg
Peter Phippen & April Bowling
John and Beth Pitner
The Ruth and Robert Satter Charitable Trust
S.E.A. Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation
Paul and Lisa Sacksman
Joe and Chris Sandulli
Bink and Paula Shorts
Mary and Jim Steggall
Campbell Steward
Loring Bradlee and Janet Stone
Teradyne, Inc.
The Echo Charitable Foundation
Brian T. Tinger
Trout Unlimited, Nor’East Chapter
Fred and Susie Winthrop

Business Support

Cell Signaling Technology employees bag garlic mustard, install trail signs and maintain trails at Riverbend. Spring 2015

Cell Signaling Technology employees bag garlic mustard, install trail signs and maintain trails at Riverbend.

The Institution for Savings' vision is to positively affect the lives of every person, business and organization within the communities they serve. They have been our loyal and generous partner for many years in our effort to provide reliable, clean and abundant water to these communities.

The Institution for Savings’ vision is to positively affect the lives of every person, business and organization within the communities they serve. They have been our loyal and generous partner for many years in our effort to provide reliable, clean and abundant water to these communities.

It is with gratitude that we thank and recognize the following businesses, corporations, foundations, grantors, organizations and people that have generously given their support during the past year.

$10,000 and up

Analog Devices, Inc
Cell Signaling Technology
EBSCO Publishing
Institution for Savings

New England Biolabs Inc.

$5,000 and up

Kelly Automotive Group

$1,000 and up

Graystone Consulting
Ipswich Ale Brewery
Teradyne, Inc.

Employees from Team Seaboard, local Budweiser distributor, volunteer in honor of World Environment Day. They clear trails, dig holes, transplant shrubs, spread compost, move gravel and do more work in one day than we dream of doing in one year! Budweiser definitely delivers!

Employees from Team Seaboard, local Budweiser distributor, volunteer in honor of World Environment Day. They clear trails, dig holes, transplant shrubs, spread compost, move gravel and do more work in one day than we dream of doing in one year! Budweiser definitely delivers!

$100 and up

Bank of America Philanthropic
Benjamin Nutter Associates, Architects
The Bicycle Shop of Topsfield
Brick Ends Farm
Coast to Coast Paddle
Corliss Brothers Nursery
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Ellen Rose, CPA, CFP
Essex County Co-0p
Foote Brothers Canoe Livery
GoldCoast Mortgage Service
Horsley Witten Group
The Ipswich Center, Inc.
Ipswich Inn
Ipswich River Provisions
Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market
Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies
Mayer Tree Service
Mill River Consulting
Newbury Kayak and Canoe
Residence At Riverbend
Richardson’s Farms Inc
Russell Orchards, Inc.
Seacoast Tent
Sorrento Dental
Thread Rolling, Inc
Tick’s Auto
Windhill Realty
Your Cause Chevron
Zwicker Press

Special Gifts, Contracts & Grants

AmazonSmile Foundation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bank Of America
Donald A. Brozenske
Cell Signaling Technology
Coastal Zone Management
Division of Ecological Restoration
EBSCO Publishing
ESI Reserve Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation
Essex County Community Foundation
Evans Family Foundation
Andrew Fowlie
The Gaffney Foundation
GE Foundation
Greenscapes North Shore
Charles and Natasha Grigg
Kathleen Hayes
Hurdle Hill Foundation
Institution for Savings
Painey and Barbie Metcalf
Alan and Karen Morrell
National Wildlife Federation
New England Biolabs Foundation
New England Biolabs Inc.
Parker River Clean Water Assn
John W. Peirce Fund
Pew Charitable Trust
The Ruth and Robert Satter Charitable Trust
S.E.A. Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation
Sheehan Family Foundation
The Echo Charitable Foundation
Zakaria Family Foundation

Donors ($15 – $999)

$100 & up
Joshua Massey & Marthe Aimee
Heather Aizley
Dave & Trish Aldrich
Charles E. Allen
David M. Allen
Barby Almy
Jennifer Anderson
Andrew & Megan DeFranza
Elizabeth Armstrong
Rodney Armstrong
Robert & Gudron Ashton
Neil Ayer
Brian & Laurie Baise
Bank Of America Philanthropic
Donnan Barnes
Nancy Barnhart
Terese & Dennis Barous
Jeffrey Barz-Snell
Joseph A. Bassett
Tom Brown & Mimi Batchelder-Brown
Ed Becker
Timothy & Carmela Belford
Geoffrey A. Bemiss
Matthew Bendle
Benjamin Nutter Associates, Architects
Melanie Berkmen
Elizabeth Bernick & Hugh Taylor
James W. Berry
The Bicycle Shop of Topsfield
Timothie Biggs
Betty M. Bigwood
Alan Blanchard
Kalil Boghdan
William S. Boivin
Robert J. Bonsignore
Barbara K. Booth
Donald Bowen, Jr.
John & Joan Bowker
Brandon Boyd & Deborah Moules
John Bradley
Billings Bramhall, Jr.
William & June Braunlich
Brick Ends Farm
Jennie E. Bridge
Paul & Jennifer Brink
David Bristol
Michael Schaaf & Carolyn Britt
John Wigglesworth & Priscilla Brooks
Jessica Brown
Katharine A. Brown
Martha F. Brown
Rose Brown
Donald A. Brozenske
Robert Buchsbaum
John & Susie Buck
Robert C. Buell
David Bunting
Nelson Burbank
Daniel E. Callahan
Richard & Priscilla Carlson
Cathy Carney-Feldman & David Feldman
Bob Cary & Janet Nussmann
Mark J. Casey
Brian Castonguay
Marc Castonguay
Wayne M. Castonguay
Joan Caulfield
Siuhong Chan
Paul Charos
Lois & Charles Cheston
Joseph & Josephine Ciardiello
City of Beverly Conservation Commission
Dan Clapp
Thomas V. Clasby
Marty Clements
Robert A. Clocker
Coast to Coast Paddle
Matthew Cockreham
Jane S. Coe
Russell G. Cole
June Collins-Schott
Moose & Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld
Mimi Coolidge
Nathaniel S. Coolidge
Bruce & Kendra Cooper
Corliss Brothers Nursery
Bill & Janet Craft
Joan Crawford
Antonella Cucchetti & Tasso Kaper
Peter Cudhea
Tina & Chris Cummings
Cynthia Curtis
James D’Angelo
Diana Davis & John Stellwagen
David & Mary Dearborn
Ian & Alexandra deBuy-Wenniger
Julie DePaolis
Charles Desilets
Penelope Devoe
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Edward D. Dick
James Brown & Kathy Disney
Diane M. Dixon
Brian Doherty
Dan & Tama Donovan
Peter & Linda Doran
Eleanor P. Dorsey
Claire J. Doyle
Tim & Christine Driscoll
William & Christine Dwyer
Tom & Jennifer Eddy
Ellen Rose, CPA, CFP
Matt Ellis
Essex County Co-0p
Essex County Greenbelt Assoc
Ben Evans
Grace Evans
Katharine C. Evans
Susan W. Evans
Jerry & Lynette Fallon
Matt Fates
Chris Fauske & Cara Connors
Andrew J. Fay
Bob & Cheryl Ferris
Lisa Field
Kim Honetschlager & Will Finch
George A. Fischer
Georgia & David Flood
Foote Brothers Canoe Livery
Jeremy Foster
Deborah Fowler-Wheaton
Deborah Fraize
Scott & Lynne Freeman
Alan F. French
Marion M. Frost
Erica A. Fuller
David & Nancy Gaffney
Gary R. Gagne
Kathleen Gallanar
Henrietta Gates & Heaton Robertson
Alyse Gause
Jennifer Gauthier
Patricia A. Gearty
Joe & Maureen Geller
April R. George
William W. George
Anne Gero
Ronald J. Gillis
Susie & John Glessner
Lynda Goldberg
GoldCoast Mortgage Service
Peter Goldfarb
Robert C. Gore
Mark & Janet Gottesman
Bob & Kathy Gravino
Daniel Greenbaum & Deborah Cramer
Ralph A. Greenberg
Judy Gregg
Denny & Debby Grubbs
Terence & Deb Hackett
Larry & Sandi Hackman
Pamela Hartman-Rosner
John Hautala
Sara Jane Haven
J.L. Hayden
Rich & Karyl Hayes
Daniel Heiter
Earle G. Helton
Frank & Katie Hertz
Nancy & Raymond Hill
Michael & Nancy Hinds
Art & Eloise Hodges
Amy Hoffmann
Kimberly Holliday & Greg Netland
Will & Lynne Holton
Kate & Brian Hone
Greg & Caroline Horner
Horsley Witten Group
House Of Peace
Jennifer Howard
Richard F. Howard
Arthur Howe III
Jennifer Hughes
David Hull
Warren & Aldyth Innis
The Ipswich Center, Inc.
Ipswich Garden Club
Ipswich Inn
Ipswich River Provisions
Ipswich Shellfish Fish Market
Rob & Pam Irwin
Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookies
Christian Jacqz
Carl Jenkins
Peter B. Johnson
Margaret Jones
Eric & Irene Josephson
Mark & Courtney Kagan
Charlotte B. Kahn
John T. Kain
Kenneth Wayne Kaiser
John Keeley
Martha H. Keeley
Gillian Kellogg
Mark S. Kennard
Emily Keough
Jack & Kathy Kinney
Bob & Jenny Knowles
Eric & Katie Krathwohl
E. James Kroesser
Peter Hartline & Rebecca Kucera
Carolyn Lackey
Linda Ladd
Mary Landry
Heidi Lane
Jack & Susan Lawrence
Leslie Lawrence & Stan Barrett
John LeJeune
Bob & Sharon Lemoine
Ray Lepore
William Leroyer
Katherine Lindquist
Joanna Liss & Loring Merrow
David Little
Julia Livingston
Mark Evans & Deborah Logan
Peter & Babette Loring
Rosemary Loring
Tuulikki Loring
Roger & Iris Louis
Peter & Elaine Lucas
Keith Lunnen
Holger & Nancy Luther
John & Tracy Lutz
Michael & Gail Lynch
Susan S. Lyons
Kerry Mackin
MacKinnon & Schreuer
Catherine Madinger
Charles Mann
Mary Mann
Noelene P. Martin
Fran & Marie Masse
Jonathan & Laurie Matson
Mayer Tree Service
Dan Mayer
Hugh Harrison McCall
Colleen McClung
Linda McDonald
Natalie Medici
David & Dorothy Merrill
Pike Messenger
Elizabeth Meyer
Mill River Consulting
Dudley W. Miller, III
Robert B. Minturn, Jr.
Stephen & Teri Mitton
Ed & Dorothy Monnelly
Peter & Alicia Moore
Ben Morrill & Peggy Lawrence
Brian Morse
Patrick K. Mulry
John W. Murphy
Gregory J. Murrer
John & Emily Nelson
William T. Nelson
Newbury Kayak & Canoe
Ann R. Nichols
Birch & Jennifer Norton
Robert M. O’Keefe
Sam & Lisa Otis
Gerard A. Papin
Parker River Clean Water Assn
Beth Paschal
Mark & Vi Patek
Joanne Patton
David & Anne Paulin
Kay Pearsall
Tony & Linda Pearson
Donald J. Pearson
Phil & Maureen Perkins
Carroll & Cary Perry
Jeanne S. Petta
David & Michelle Phippen
Joanna L. Phippen
Katharine Pickering & Richard O’Dwyer
R.J. & Heather Pillis
Jack & Michiko Plimpton
Vladimir Potapov
Michael & Lauren Prior
Nick Privitera
Ken & Judy Proctor
Rebecca Pugh
Nathaniel Pulsifer
Bob & Annie Pulver
Dennis Pyburn, Jr.
Dan & Jennifer Rabold
John F. Randall, III
Nancy Rappaport
Edward Rauscher
Martha M Rawlins
Sandra Ray
Bill & Teresa Reed
Patricia P. Reeser
Andrew & Jessie Reid
Christine M. Reif
Residence At Riverbend
Elizabeth G. Reynolds
Peter Macewen &
Elizabeth Rhinelander
Lily Rice
Richardson’s Farms Inc
Charlie & Susanne Richey
Cornelis Rijnbrand
David & Mary Rimmer
Heather Robb
Anne V. Robinson
Bill Robinson
Charlie & Marie Rodgers
David & Justine Ross
Eric A. Roth
Jacqueline Rousseau
Ned & Susie Rowland
Barbara & Dick Russell
Richard Russell
Don & Thelma Ryan
Michael & Pam Ryan
Susan Sanborn
David Santomenna & Ana Crespo
Karen M. Sawyer
Robert Scanlon
Paul Scharr
Robert Scherer-Hoock
Judy Schneider
Daniel W. Scibisz
David W. Scudder
Seacoast Tent
Barbara I. Sears
Thomas M. Sears
Vivian V. Sears
Gregory Shenstone
George & Rue Sherwood
Will & Betsy Shields
Bill & Hatsy Shields
Louis & Amanda Shipley
Geoffrey H. Simons
Brian Singleton
Patricia Skibbee
Thomas E. Skinner
Alice Smith
Jerry & Bette Smith
Mark P. Smith
Mary Smith
Jody & Stanley Smith
Win Snow
Carl & Diane Soderland
Sorrento Dental
Alan Soucy
Jane & Ken Spellman
Jay & Elise Stanbury
Dave & Muriel Standley
Joe & Gussie Stanislaw
Marnie Stasiuk
Phillips B. Stearns
Martha & Brad Stevenson
Doug Stewart & Coco McCabe
Richard E. Stone
Craig & Kelly Story
Mary Ann Streeter
Nina Streeter
Martin T. Sullivan
Suzanne M. Sullivan
Kenneth & Bethany Swanson
David Swensen
David Tapley
Barbara Teaford
James Tedford, Jr.
Mark Thayer
Thread Rolling, Inc
Tick’s Auto
Jean-Jacques & Sharon Toulotte
Trout Unlimited, Nor’East Chapter
Deborah Twining
Meg Twohey & Darrow Lebovici
D-Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc
Al & Landi Van Alen
Dave Voci
Ralph & Mabel Vogel
Patrick Waddell
Ed & Eva Walker
James Warner
William S. Wasserman, Jr.
Mary Weatherall
Sandy Webster & Bruce Amazeen
Jason & Michele Wertz
Bill & Bobbi Whiting
Peter & Winifred Whitman
Joe & Ursula Whitney
Chub & Nicole Whitten
John Whittier
D.W. & Bonnie Wiegand
Dean Wilbur
Benjamin Wildrick
Timothy Willey
David S. Williams
Geoffrey Wilson
Windhill Realty
Fred & Alice Winthrop
Oliver & Linda Wolcott
Sook-Bin Woo
Michael N. Wood
Nancy C. Woolford
Christina Wowk
Casey W. Wright
Fraley D. Wright
Robert Wyman
Brian York
Andrea Young
James M. Younger
Your Cause Chevron
Zwicker Press
* deceased

$15 – 99
Michael & Beth Aaronson
Tom & Sue Ackerman
Thom Adorney
Michael Agren
Dan Ahearn
Douglas Albrinck
Katy Aldrich
Matt Allen
Kristine Alster
Amy Ames
Gail Anderson
Tony & Gail Annis
Richard W. Anzuoni
Edward J. Arsnow
Lois R. Arthur
Casey Aurelio
Richard A. Auth
Charles & Ann Bacon
John E. Bacon
Donald H. Bade
Bette Bailey
Edward & Marion Bailey
Mark & Susan Bailey
Jennifer & Chuck Baima
Mark Baker
Peter Baker
Victoria Bakker
Glenn & Donna Bambury
Cathleen Banister-Marx
Bank Of America
Susan Banta
Robert Barossi
Michael & Barbara Barrington
Ingrid Barry
Peter & Kitty Bartholomew
Jan Beard
John & Pat Beirne
Raymond C. Belanger, Jr.
Judith Belliveau
Marianne Beninato
Jennifer Benjamin
Jack Benner
Cherry Bennett & Amy Grose
Linda Berard
Throop & Connie Bergh
Jacquelyn Berman
Julie Bernier
Biodiversity Consulting
Ann M. Birkner
Julie N. Bishop
William J. Bishop
Boo Bistrian
Annastatia Keane Blagg
Geoff & Krista Blaisdell
Amy Blondin
Richard Boardman
Barbara Bodengraven
Ian J. Boehm
Thomas S. Bourke
Tim Bousum
Linda Bradshaw
Marie A. Brescia
Eric Brissette
Samuel Brissette
Bruce B. Bromby
Robert V. Brophy
Janet S. Brown
Chris Broyles
William W. Brudnick
Peter Bryant
Maria Burnham
Kathy Burns
Tom & Susan Burton
Bill & Gerrie Butman
Samuel Cabot, III
Jonathon Cahill
Peter Cain
Matthew Callahan
Donnie & Martha Campbell
Eric Cantor
Mary C. Capkanis
Peter & Madeleine Cardello
Patricia Cardenas
Mary Carlin
Judith Carter
Matthew Castonguay
Ashley Chapman
Pamela Chase
Hao Chen
Gregory Chmura
Jeffrey P. Chouinard
Gretel & Peter Clark
Richard & Millie Clark
Robert Lee Clark
Sam Cleaves
Larry Cohen
Joel Cole
Coleman-Murphy Family
Ben K. Collins
Clayton S. Collins
John & Leslie Collyer
Tristan Comb
Robert & Donna Comeau
Kristin Comprosky
William R. Conary, Jr.
Kathleen Connolly & Rene Doucet
Stephanie Contino
Benjamin Cook
Virginia M. Cookson
Brad Coon
Kevin Correa
Christine Costello
Michael Cotugno
John & Linda Cramer
Mark F. Cronin
Kenneth A. Crossman, Jr.
Noel Anne Crowley
Sean P. Cubbin
Christopher Cullen
George Cumming
Carol Curry
Thomas Damigella
Danvers Conservation Commission
Adam R. Davis
Stephen & Carole Davis
Kevin E. Davis
Marilyn Davis
Mike DeAmario
Carol Decker
Rosamond Dennis
Richard Denton
Lucy DeRoeck
Kathy Desilets & Lisa Christie
Katharine & Jon Deuel
Joseph L. DiAngelo
Margaret M. Dillon
Ira Dinnes
Bob DiPaolo
Brian & Judy Ditchek
Beth Dixon
Gerry Dolan
Katy Dolhun
Robert & Jen Donahue
David T. Donovan
Doran Donovan
James & Amanda Donovan
Lynne Donovan
Elizabeth Dorman
Jane Doucette
Bill Duffy
Jane Dunfee
Ellen Dunne
James & Helen Durkee
Noelle Easterling
Elaine Eastman
Eric Eckl
Roger Edmonds
Lawrence G. Eliot
Pauline Ellenton
John Ellingboe
Joshua W. Ellsworth
Jim & Jeanne Engel
John L. Ennis
Sara Ennis
Jay Epstein
Essex County Trail Association
Anne-Marie Eugley
Selena Evans
Nicholas Faiella
Ash Fairbanks
Karen Falat
Christopher Farmer
Martha Farmer
Carolyn A. Favazza
Judy B. Favro
Joseph V. Ferrino, Ret.
Susan Filosi
John N. Fiske, Jr.
Jane Fleischner
Benjamin Flemer
H. Christian Floyd
Martin J. Foodman
Eileen Ford
Elisabeth Foukal
Andrew Fowlie
Kyle Fraser
Brittany Fredette
Martha Frost
John Fulghum
Melvin Fuller
Hugh Gallagher
Sarah Gallagher
Judy A. Gallerie
Michael Galli
David H. Gannon
Donna M. Gauthier
George Pawle
Sarah George
Tony & Marge Giannelli
Glenn C. Gibbs
Orville & Roxann Giddings
Joanne Gilbert
Andrew Gildea
Susan W. Gillespie
Paul W. Gilligan
Michelle Torrey Gluud
Pat Goehlert
Kim Gogan
Sharon Gogan
Deborah L. Gonzales
Stella Goren
Carlene M. Gosbee
Dick & Connie Gourdeau
Laura Graf
Larry & Betsy Graham
Anne W. Gray
Lynn B. Graziano
Robert Greco
Malcolm & Susie Green
Sharon & David Grimes
Paul Grimshaw
Frederick Groff
Katherine Grubbs
Kristen C. Grubbs & Perry Nelson
Saul & Eva Gurman
Joy H. Gurrie
Ellen Guthrie
Garreth Gutierrez
Mike & Betsy Habich
Barbara Habina
Christopher Hafferty
Caroline E. Haines
Roger J. Hale
Gordon & Pauline Hall
John Hall
Lauren Hall
Mary Andrea Hall
Susan Haltmaier
Eileen Hamblin
Isabel Hanekamp
Patricia Hanlon
Joel Hariton
Tito & Ruth Harkness
Billy Harrison
Emily R. Hart
Katrina B. Hart
Jennifer Harvey
Linda J. Haskins
Kathleen Hayes
Kathryn Herold
Theodore J. Heron
Gregory & Caroline Herr
Phil Hertz
Bob & Seana Hickey
Jonathan Hickok
Peter Hinckley
Susan E. Hoag
Theodore & Kathleen Hochheiser
Jean Hodgin
Robert Hodgson
Bill & Christina Hoffman
Nancy Feldman Hogan
Christian & Catherine Hommes
Mary Ann & George Hoomis
Bill & Barbara Hooper
Fred Hopps
Breton Hornblower
Willis Hough
Richard M. Hughes
Victoria A. Hughes
Michele Hunton
David Hutchinson
David P. Ingalls
Louis J. Irwin & Family
Norman J. Isler
Elaine Israelsohn
Richard Jabba
Jean Jacobs
Shirley C. Jacques
Thomas Jacques
William Jaques
Robert Cumming & Carolyn Jensen
John & Helena Mercier
Addie R. Johnsen
Chuck & Jody Johnson
Claudia Rae Johnson
Michael Ray Johnson
Karen Johnston
Jan C. Jones
Linda Jones
Robert Spurrier & Paula Jones
Rob Jones
Robert Joyal
Phyllis Julien
Susan A. Kalloch
Ted Karr
Karl & Gail Kastorf
Cindy Keegan
Brian F. Kelder
Diane S. Kelley
Gaylen B. Kelley
Jake & Renee Kelly
Paul Kelly
Paul M. Kelly
Christina Kenis-Ambrose
Larry C. Kenna
Karen Keough
Makiko Keough
Betsy Kidder
Kids of Blaisdell Terrace
Sara-Jane Kiesling
Peggy J. Kimball
Jennifer Kincaid
Amy King
Jack & Joyce Kippin
Donna L. Kirby
Anna Kjoss
Julie Knowlton
Brian Kobuszewski
Koh Kozuru
Edward S. Krauss
Michele Kulick
Edward Lamy & Erica Foss
Lauren Langmaid
Anthony Larosa
Natalia Laskaris
Dr. Catherine Lastavica
Ramona Latham & Kelley Sullivan
Paul Lauenstein
Margaret Layton
Sean Leach
Kristy Lee
Mary Ann Leekley
Harry W. Leno, Jr.
Diane Levesque
Emily Levin
James Levin
Jean V. Lewis
Andrew Light
Lora H. Lipman
Jacquelyn Littlewood
Susan Livingston
Reginald K. Lockwood
David C. Lohnes
Emma Lopez
Thomas E. Loring
Robin Lovely
Angela Lowell
Lucy Myers & Sally Willard
Meg Mabuchi
Yen Mac
Lori MacCausland
Nancy MacLean
Leo Maestranzi
Jeff Magenau
Lawrence & Anne Maguire
Rich Mallozzi
William Mann
Prudy Markos
Norm & Mitzi Marsh
Jeremy Martin
Lynette Mascioli
Cathy Mason
Maura Mastrogiovanni
Kara McAllister
James McCambridge
John F. McClafferty
Marilyn McCrory
Donald E. McDonald, Jr.
Michael McGarty
Maureen C. McGrath
Michele & Tucker McGrath
Dorothy McKeen
Susanna L. McLaughlin
Linda McMahon
Meredith McMorrow
Patrick J. McNally
Joan McQuillan
Mike & Pam McRae
R. Michael McSweeney
Aaron Mearns
Edward J. Melanson
Karen M. Melanson
Alec Melnick
Mike Menesale
Christa Mente
Fana Mersha
Richard M. Merullo
Pieter Messelaar
Ben Messenger
Mary Ann Metz
Stephen & Ingrid Miles
Daniel H. Miley, Jr.
Sally Milliken
Christopher Milnes
Travis Milnes
Enid R. Mingolelli
Steve Mitchell
Robert Mitton
Priscilla Moulton
Patricia A. Mullen
Beth & Peter Myers
Robert Nakashian
Michael Nelson
Roy W. Nelson, Jr.
Harry Newell
Jeff Nichols
Rebecca Niebling
Jessica Nolan
Darcy Norton
Ron & Hope Nutter
Carl G. Nylen
Richard A. Nylen, Jr.
Paul O’Beirne
Linda A. O’Connell
Michael J. O’Hare
Ed O’Meara
Brian F. O’Neill
Caitlin O’Neill
David Oliver
Jim Olivetti
Tom Ollila
Bradford Olson
Paul Ouellette
Heidi Paek
Janice K. Pagano
Robert W. Paglierani
Ann Paladin
Carolyn Palenscar
Ted Parady
Marsten & Lori Parker
John Parsons
Paul & Kathy Pallazola
Paul & Kelly Barrett
Paul & Sherry Hurley
Steve & Mary Pazdziorko
Virginia Perkins
Dianne Perry
Daniel N. Persson
Bruce A. Peters
Pew Charitable Trust
J. Pezzella & Co, Inc
Adrienne Phillips
Fred Piccinni
Jean Pietrillo
Bernie Pine
Diane Poirier
Pamela Irwin Poleo
Kristal Pooler
Robert B. Porter
Elsie E. Pouliot
Alan H. Price
Mary Pryor
Lawrence J. Pszenny
Jim & Pat Purdy
Christopher P. Putnam
Amy Qadri
David J. Quadros
Lauren Querze
Anne & Geoff Rand
Gary & Anne Rand
Paul W. Rathe
Catherine Rayball
Anne Redmond
Mark Redmond
Ryan Daniel Redmond
Reibel & Donovan
Kavornie Reid
Bruce Reilly
Lillian Reilly
Carole Rein
Jaime L. Reynolds
V. Anne Reynolds
Cathy Rezac
Rebekah Richardson
Brittany Richmond
Kathy M. Ricker
Janet Rickles
Linda R. Riley
Susan L. Riley
Harry & Deborah Ritchie
James Rix
Robert & Laraine Rosenblum
Kevin Roberts
Dave Robinson
Kathi L. Rodrigues
Phil Rogers
Sandra Rubchinuk
Paula Ruelle
Meg Rusick
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