Ipswich Environmental Symposium

Executive Director Wayne Castonguay joined several environmental experts in presenting at the Ipswich Environmental Symposium held on October 21.  Organized by Northeastern Professor Dr. Don Cheney, the symposium was designed to increase public awareness of the issues facing Ipswich’s key environmental resources, particularly climate change. Wayne presented on the impact of climate change on the Ipswich River and its watershed then summarized the conclusions and recommendations in the soon-to-be-released Great Marsh Coastal Adaptation and Resiliency Plan. The Adaptation Plan will be rolled out to the public at the annual Great Marsh Symposium on November 9th. “I was honored to be part of this scientifically-oriented and important discussion on the issues facing our river;” says Wayne, “ and was especially buoyed by the high level of interest in the issue shown by the 150+ people who attended the event.”   

Interested in the Great Marsh Symposium? Click here to view the agenda and to register.