Volunteers Bring Out Our Garden’s Fall Beauty

Garden volunteers Susan Burnett-Halling and Beth Myers cut back the asters.

Clean-ups were going on all around the region after the recent storm, and Riverbend was not the exception. We were lucky to have missed any serious damage or debris at our headquarters, but our native plant and rain gardens were well overdue for their fall clean up. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising considering the warm weather we’ve been having, many of our trees are still clinging to their leaves. This put a halt to our plans of raking, but there was plenty more to be done.

Gardening volunteers Lynne Holton and Sharon Grimes clean up our rain garden.

Happily, Ipswich River staff were joined by four fantastic volunteers. Regular garden volunteers Sharon Grimes, Lynne Holton and Beth Myers were there along with a new addition–Susan Burnett-Halling. Together, everyone worked on cutting back bushes, removing the spent goldenrods and clearing the garden path. A little raking was done, but most will have to wait until the remainder of the leaves drop.

All admired our handy work. Once cleaned up, the garden seemed to have fresh life in it. The pinks and yellows of spring have been replaced with more subtle earth tones and the bright red of berries. The birds are assured a feast between the purple coneflower seeds and the branches laden with berries. We admired the unique beauty brought forth by the autumnal season like the assorted feather shapes of dried ferns.

For a moment, we marveled at how much the rain garden had grown since it was first planted in 2007. We hope it continues to flourish under the care of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you, again!

If you are interested in becoming one of our gardening volunteers, contact Rachel at rschneinder@ipswichriver.org