Greenscapes North Shore

Staff and volunteers tend the rain garden at Riverbend, 143 County Rd, Ipswich. More volunteers are needed!

Greenscapes are beautiful landscapes that protect our water, and save you time and money.

The Greenscapes North Shore program is a regional coalition with Ipswich River Watershed Association, Eight Towns and the Great Marsh and Salem Sound Coastwatch. The purpose is to educate municipalities, residents and landscapers on how to care for their yards and gardens using less water and chemicals.

By signing up for this regional program, towns can cost effectively meet the federal stormwater requirements for educating their citizens about stormwater and water conservation.  The program offers a comprehensive guide to environmentally friendly landscaping including workshop series and outreach materials to participating towns. Learn more about the Greenscapes program as well as how to Greenscape your own lawn and garden.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur headquarters, Riverbend, hosts a series of Greenscapes demonstration projects that show how we can all live better using less water, and reduce pollution and replenish groundwater too. Projects include a native plant garden, green roof, rainbarrel, permeable paving, rain gardens, a drought tolerant lawn. Visitors are welcome; come see for yourself what you can do to be water-wise!

Riverbend’s Rain Garden in bloom

Environmentally-friendly landscaping and gardening practices can create “Greenscapes” that conserve water and minimize or avoid using pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers while producing healthy lawns and plants with deep root systems.



Greenscapes tips for saving water and chemicals:

  • Water only in the morning before 8:00 am
  • Water only when needed as determined by the walk test
  • Mow with sharp mower blade
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn to replenish nutrients
  • Keep my grass at least 3” tall to crowd out weeds
  • Use organic products on my lawn and plantings
  • Learn more about having a healthy yard that protects our water by checking out or reading the latest Greenscapes Guide (pdf)
  • Check back on the Greenscapes calendar for listings of upcoming workshops!
  • Learn how to Reduce your Pollution and decrease polluted stormwater.
  • Read about more ways to Save water and Save money!

The impact of professional lawn care upon our watershed depends ultimately on the requirements of customers who hire these services. Be sure the services you employ follow this important checklist. The end result should make you feel good about protecting your family from exposure to chemicals as well as helping the environment.

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Green roof at Riverbend

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The Greenscapes North Shore program is a multi-partner outreach effort sponsored by IRWA, Salem Sound Coastwatch, the Eight Towns and the Great Marsh, and Massachusetts Bays Estuary Association.