Ipswich Ale Fun on the River

Based in Ipswich, we have the privilege to be able work with so many great people around the area. This summer we have partnered with Ipswich Ale Brewery quite a few times. In the past week we were able to meet up with brewery staff members on a few different occasions.

Our organization and Ipswich Ale are constantly supporting each other. When we have events Ipswich Ale brings their tap mobile and provides a lot of excitement for us. We also provide support for them by tabling at their events, like earlier in the summer for the Ipswich Ale Block Party. Last weekend we had another tabling opportunity, but this time in Boston with a new audience.

This event included all things Ipswich. The Brewery invited us, as well as a few other Ipswich-based organizations like The Green Crab R&D Project, Wolf Hollow and the Ipswich Massachusetts Visitor Center to Lawn on D in Boston. This event was a lot of fun for kids, adults and everyone inbetween. Ipswich Ale Brewery allowed us to provide education to people and engage them with fun and interesting activities. In our tent of Ipswich friends we were accompanied by New England Aquarium, who had brought a tide pool touch tank. They were a big hit and the kids loved touching the crabs, starfish, mussels and others marine life.

This event was great exposure for Ipswich, conveying to a wide audience the attractions of the area and the great work of local organizations. Ipswich Ale were excellent hosts and continue as a great partner of ours.

In thanks for all they do with us, including their Riverbend pilsner, we decided to invite them on apaddle of the Ipswich River from our dock, using our kayaks. About 7 staff members were able to make it to our headquarters for a relaxing after-work paddle.

Not only was this trip a great way to say thank you to Ipswich Ale, but it allowed them and us to enmesh ourselves with something that is so essential for this Ipswich-based Brewery: Ipswich River water. Beer is made up of about 90% water and the brewery’s water supply comes from the Ipswich River. Their beer owes its origins to the same waters on which we took them paddling. For all you beer lovers out there, remember this: we have to keep the river clean, plentiful and just healthy in general. Good beer needs good water.

We love partnering with this company, and are so thankful for their fun, creative energy and welcoming people. We share the aim to keep our river healthy and hope to keep working with Ipswich Ale Brewery in the future.