From Lynn to Middleton to Riverbend

Middleton is one of the 3 towns that is entirely in the Ipswich River watershed, so it is important to get kids from that area on the river. However, although the camp itself is located in Middleton, many of the kids from Creighton Pond are from areas like Lynn. Just as important as teaching the Middleton kids about the watershed they are a part of is teaching those from Lynn, who have most likely never been on the Ipswich River or any river like it. Being from the city, they may not have the same access to this resource they would if they lived in a town like Middleton. That is why we are giving kids this opportunity to get outside and make a connection with their surroundings. Especially since Lynn gets some of their drinking water from the Ipswich River! They are not from our watershed, but still contribute to withdrawal.

This was Creighton Pond’s second visit to our headquarters, but there were some new faces in the mix. About 10 kids in total came. They were not too familiar with being in a river so I saw this opportunity to get them out paddling as especially important. Groups from Creighton Pond are always enthusiastic and excited to get on the water. They had a turtle counting competition between boats and made their way down the river quite fast, always eager to see what was beyond the winding corners. We made it to the dam using 3 canoes and 5 kayaks. I was happy to have the campers back for the second time this summer. They were a part of our Youth Education Program last summer and I hope that they can make the trip here again next year.