Upcoming Nature Photo Show at Riverbend

Nature is a source of inspiration for artists–and it could be said that nature is the original artist. With its diversity and ingenuity, nature presents itself continually as a source of fascination and challenge. An artist could spend a lifetime trying to do justice to the loveliness and intricacy of a tree. Imagine the time it would take to capture the splendor of an entire watershed. That is the aim of the photographers participating in our upcoming photography show, Images on the Water. Several local photographers will be presenting their interpretations of the natural beauty of the Ipswich River watershed. Considering the variable landscape of the watershed, we can expect an equally wide-ranging view of the home of our river. The show, which will feature works by photographers Dorothy Kerper Monnelly and Andrew Borsari, as well as other amazing artists from throughout the watershed, will have a special opening from 1 PM to 4 PM on Sunday, November 5th, at our Riverbend headquarters. Light refreshments will be served. Images on the Water will then remain up and available for viewing the following week during our office hours, 8 AM to 4 PM. Please join us at the opening to chat with some of the photographers and admire their visions of the watershed.