As you plan educational activities, field trips, nature or river excursions and outdoor programming, Ipswich River Watershed Association encourages you to keep the Ipswich River in mind and consider programs or activities which focus on and highlight the river while also keeping us in mind as a resource or partner in those programs. We can help you plan and organize your river outing, providing suggestions and guidance, from deciding where to get on the river to figuring out what kind of educational program best fits into your plans and objectives.

If you already have something planned, we can add a valuable educational element to your program, whether its a paddling trip on the water or a river-related activity along the river’s shores.  We will work with you to come up with something that best fits into your plans and best suits your needs and goals.

We can host your group here at Riverbend, our headquarters right on the river in Ipswich, where you will have the use of our boats, paddling equipment and dock to get on the water. We have 5 canoes and 11 kayaks, accommodating 23 passengers. There are also personal flotation devices and paddles for you to use, but we cannot at this time provide transportation to bring you here or deliver our equipment to your location. There are a number of put-ins along the river and some kayak and canoe rental operations, including Foote Brothers and Newbury Kayak and Canoe 

If you’re having your program at another location, while we can’t bring canoes and kayaks, we can come to wherever you are and provide an on-site educational experience. This would include the same materials or activities that groups will get while here at our home base. Our education staff is mobile and ready to be where you need them.

Our educational offerings can be tailored in other ways, such as activities for certain age groups or focusing on a specific subject/area of interest.

Types of activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • building a model of a watershed out of common household items (watershed in a box!)IMG_1057
  • using a dissolved oxygent test kit to monitor the river’s dissolved oxygen level
  • using a net to find macroinvertebrate species in the river
  • fun and interactive games which get participants on their feet and moving around
  • more reflective exercises which provide opportunities to experience and describe or write about the river or nature in greater depth

You can also request that we focus on a certain subject matter or area of concern, such as:

Feel free to use the following link to download our one page fact sheet about the educational program. This can be easily distributed to group leaders, parents, camp counselors, etc.

Education Program Fact Sheet

You can also view our checklist for parents and group leaders to see what we do and do not provide to groups who visit us for river outings.

Checklist For Group Leaders and Parents

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an event you are planning or already have scheduled, please contact:

Rachel Schneider, Outreach Manager, or 978-412-8200


Brownies at Riverbend

Brownies at Riverbend