River Restoration

This 11X7 elliptical culvert has replaced two 3 foot diameter culverts installed on Crooked Pond Brooke at the entrance to Lockwood Forest in Boxford.

This 11X7 elliptical culvert replaced two 3 foot diameter culverts installed at the entrance to Lockwood Forest in Boxford. This is a great step in restoring fish and wildlife passage at a road stream crossing on Crooked Pond Brook.

A major focus of our Restoration Program is to restore physical habitat conditions to support populations of native fish and wildlife that rely on the Ipswich River.

One of the best and most cost effective ways to improve river conditions is to reconnect fragmented aquatic habitats by removing migration barriers. That is, dismantling obsolete dams and replacing culverts that are either too small or poorly installed. We currently focus our energy on projects that include this type of habitat connectivity improvement, though we are supportive of other restoration approaches as well on a site-by-site basis.

*While the Ipswich River Watershed Association is proud to have been involved in a variety of capacities in many of the projects listed, inclusion on this list does infer our direct involvement in the project. We have made every effort to give proper credit to all of the partners involved in each project on the individual project pages.

Active Projects: South Middleton Dam Removal, Ipswich Mills Dam

Recently Completed: Crooked Pond Brook Culvert Replacement (2013), Curtis Pond Dam Removal (2012)

Looking for a project that is not listed?
If you are involved in (or know of) a project that you think should be listed, please contact Brian Kelder (Restoration Program Manager) to discuss including it on this site.

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