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The table below contains documents related to IRWA organizational structure and outreach including; Annual Reports, Financial Documents, Newsletters and other press-related materials.

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IRWA 2015 Annual Report2016
IRWA Strategic Plan 2016-20202016
IRWA 2014 Annual Report2015Organizational Docs
IRWA 2013 Annual Report2014Organizational Docs
IRWA 2012 Annual Report2013Organizational Docs
Newsletter: 2012 #3 - Fall2012Outreach
IRWA 2011 Annual Report2012Organizational Docs
Fact Sheet: Greenscapes at Riverbend2012Greenscapes, Riverbend
Press Release: Mackin to Retire from Ipswich River Watershed Association2012Press
Press Release: Unsafe and Unsustainable2012Water Management; Policy
Newsletter: 2012 #1 - Spring2012Outreach
Newsletter: 2012 #2 - Summer2012Outreach
Press Release: Boston Brook Restoration Underway2012Press
Press Release: Ipswich River Watershed Association Receives EPA Merit Award2011Press
Newsletter: 2011 #1 - Spring2011Outreach
Newsletter: 2011 #4 - Winter2011Outreach
Newsletter: 2011 #3 - Fall2011Outreach
Newsletter: 2011 #2 - Summer2011Outreach
IRWA 2011 Annual Report 2011Organizational Docs
Newsletter: 2010 #4 - Winter2010Outreach
Press Release: Ipswich River Watchdogs Announce River Restoration Partnership2010Press
IRWA 2010 Annual Report 2010Organizational Docs
IRWA Strategic Plan 2010-20152010Organizational Docs
Press Release: Town of Danvers to Remove Curtis Pond2010Press
Newsletter: 2010 #1 - Spring2010Outreach
Newsletter: 2009 #3 - Winter2009Outreach
IRWA 2009 IRS Form 9902009Organizational Docs
Press Release: Sixteen North Shore Communities participate in Greenscapes Program2009Press
Newsletter: 2009 #2 - Fall2009Outreach
IRWA 2009 Annual Report 2009Organizational Docs
Newsletter: 2009 #1 - Summer2009Outreach
Newsletter: 2008 #3 - Winter2008Outreach
Newsletter: 2008 #2 - Summer/Fall2008Outreach
Fact Sheet: Herring Count Results (1999-2007)2008Monitoring
Article: Legal bills pile up as Hamilton appeals water restrictions2008Landwehr, S. Press Coverage
IRWA 2008 IRS Form 990 2008Organizational Docs
Newsletter: 2008 #1 - Spring2008Outreach
IRWA 2008 Annual Report 2008Organizational Docs
IRWA 2007 Annual Report 2007Organizational Docs
Press Release: Ipswich River Watershed Association Chosen for 2007 Catalogue for Philanthropy2007Press
Press Release: Superior Court rules for Ipswich River, denies Hamilton claims in water case2007Press
Newsletter: 2007 #3 - Winter2007Outreach
Newsletter: 2007 #2 - Summer/Fall2007Outreach
Fact sheet: Letting Nature Run It's Course: A Case for Natural Stream Flow2007Streamflow
Newsletter: 2007 #1 - Spring2007Outreach
Press Release: Cleaning up Polluted Runoff in Farley Brook2007Press
Press Release: Ipswich River Advocate Receives National Award2007Press
Press Release: Update on Ipswich River Flows2006Press
Newsletter: 2006 #3 - Winter2006Outreach
Press Release: Fisheries Restoration at the Willowdale Dam: A Public Discussion2006Press
Newsletter: 2006 #2 - Fall2006Outreach
Newsletter: 2006 #1 - Summer2006Outreach
Press Release: Watershed Association Announces New Home2006Press
Press Release: Ipswich River Watershed Association Assists Towns with Water Conservation and Stormwater Management2006Press
Press Release: Ipswich River Water Withdrawal Appeals Settled2006Press
Press Release: Announcing Greenscapes North Shore2006Press
IRWA 2006 Annual Report 2006Organizational Docs
Press Release: Despite Floods of Spring, Ipswich River is Now Too Low2006Press
Press Release: Watershed Ruling Supports Water Withdrawal Permits2006Press
Newsletter: 2005 #1 - Spring2005Outreach
Newsletter: 2005 #2 - Summer2005Outreach
Press Release: A New Era of Restoration for the Ipswich River2005Press
Press Release: Ipswich River Stops Flowing . . . Again2005Press
IRWA 2005 Annual Report 2005Organizational Docs
IRWA 2004 Annual Report 2004Organizational Docs
Newsletter: 2004 #4 - Winter2004Outreach
Newsletter: 2004 #3 - Fall2004Outreach
Newsletter: 2004 #2 - Summer2004Outreach
Newsletter: 2003 #1 - Spring2003Outreach
Newsletter: 2003 #2 - Summer2003Outreach
Newsletter: 2003 #3 - Fall2003Outreach
Newsletter: 2003 #4 - Winter2003Outreach
IRWA 2003 Annual Report2003Organizational Docs
Riverbend Informational BrochureRiverbend
Fact Sheet: Green Roof at RiverbendRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: Rain GardensLandscaping; LID; Water Conservation
Fact Sheet: Green RoofLID;
Fact Sheet: Ipswich River for Kids!River Facts
Fact Sheet: Ipswich River For Kids - ExtendedRiver Facts
Greenscapes GuideGreenscapes; Landscaping; Water Conservation
Riverbend MapRiverbend; Recreation
Fact Sheet: Greywater and Wastewater AlternativesRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: High Efficiency ToiletsRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: Rain Garden and Drainage ImprovementsRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: Water Efficient Fixtures and AppliancesRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: Permeable PavingRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID
Fact Sheet: Drought Tolerant Native Plant GardenRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID; Landscaping
Fact Sheet: Best Flies for Fishing the Ipswich RiverFish; Recreation
Fact Sheet: Rainwater HarvestingRiverbend; Keeping Water Local Demonstration; LID