Save Water, Save Money

Did you know that the amount of water needed to restore natural flows in the river – an estimated 14.4 million gallons per day – is about equal to the estimated amount used for lawn watering?

The Ipswich River provides drinking water to 335,000 people and thousands of businesses in 14 communities in northeastern Massachusetts. Water withdrawals frequently dry up parts of the Ipswich and Parker Rivers. The Ipswich River’s water deficit is increasing, due to unsustainable management, development and landscaping practices.

Two areas where the trend is worsening are summertime lawn watering (where 15 million gallons a day are lost to evapotranspiration), and sanitary sewers, which export both dirty waste water and clean groundwater from the watershed.

The result, the Ipswich River is one of the most flow stressed rivers in the United States, with many tributaries going dry for parts of every year.

Let’s explore how we can work together to leave more water in the Ipswich River for the fish, birds, and other animals that need it. Get Started!

  • Waste less water OUTSIDE on your lawn and garden.
  • USE RAINWATER! It’s free and it’s good for the Ipswich River
  • Waste less water INSIDE your house.
  • Understand your water bill.
    • Look at your water bill and calculate your per person water use. Click here for directions on understanding your water bill and calculating water use.
  • Read your Water Meter and use it to Check for Leaks!

    • Here’s how to see if plumbing leaks are wasting Ipswich River water and your money! Look at your water meter and see your water use as it happens.Your meter can tell you how much water you are using per day, week, month and year. You can monitor your meter yourself and check your figures against your water bill to verify the accuracy of your water bill.
  • Encourage your local public works departments and water suppliers to save water.
  • If you own or run a business, you can SAVE WATER AT WORK
  • Explore other great water saving websites!
  • Learn a few surprising facts about the connection between saving energy and saving water.

Get Free and Discounted Stuff!

You can save money by claiming rebates, discounts, and incentives for water conservation with help from your town.


droplet copy Water Conservation and Efficiency: WUMP – Water Use Mitigation Program Rebates- provides rebates to its water account holders for replacing old inefficient fixtures with water conserving fixtures.


droplet copy Appliance Rebates (Clothes Washer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Room AC, Dehumidifier $20, Central Air Conditioner)


droplet copy  Rebates: (refrigerator, dishwasher, programmable thermostat)


North Reading

droplet copy Interactive water use calculator

droplet copy  Discounted rain barrels


droplet copy Appliance Rebate Incentive Program


droplet copy Water Conservation Rebate Program


droplet copy The town offers a home water use audit worksheet