The Ipswich River in the News

This section contains links to recent news articles about the Ipswich River. To learn more about our activities and the issues facing the Ipswich River, members of the media are welcome to contact Executive Director Wayne Castonguay at

January 2017

Ipswich River recovering from drought: Still a long way to go to reach normal levels. The Salem News.

Student Pulls Solution to Drought Out of Thin Air. The Local
Following Drought, State Grant Funded to Help Curb Impact on Ipswich River.

Letter: Ipswich Water Saving Tips. Wicked Local Ipswich.
(Note: though this article is not specifically about the river we are happy to share this article that local high school students wrote on water saving tips!)

December 2016
Ipswich Rivers gets priority status in new program. Salem News.

November 2016
Water Closet: Ipswich River as a Mirror. Wicked Local Boxford.

October 2016
Drought could kill animals along Ipswich River. WCVB Channel 5.
Ipswich River Flowing Again. Salem News.
Our View: Still praying for rain- or snow. Salem News.
After Drought water again flowing through Ipswich River. Boston Globe.

September 2016
Scenes from New England’s drought: Dry wells, dead fish and ailing farms. New York Times
Drought sends message: Save the Ipswich River. Wicked Local Hamilton
Reading environmental group pleased with water levels in Ipswich River. Wicked Local Reading
Reading Stream Team celebrates 10 years of water in Ipswich River. Woburn Daily Times
Low flow, now now flow, in Ipswich River. Ipswich Wicked Local
Commentary: Ipswich River dries up. Ipswich Wicked Local
Breakfast event sheds light on drought-stricken Ipswich River. The Salem News
Ipswich River, dry in parts, needs better management, activists say. The Boston Globe
Drought forces Ipswich Illumination innovation. Ipswich Wicked Local

August 2016
Outdoor water restrictions run hot and cold. The Salem News
Ipswich Receives Coastal Resiliency Grant. The Boston Globe
Communities get $300k to fight climate change. The Salem News
Water restrictions spotty during drought. CommonWealth Magazine
Area northwest of Boston now under “extreme” drought. WCVB Channel 5
Drought reduces Ipswich River to a shell of its usual self. The Boston Globe.
Drought killing Ipswich River wildlife, forcing water restrictions across region. The Salem News
Should private well owners be required to follow local water restrictions? The Boston Globe

July 2016
Drought begins biting in Ipswich. Ipswich Wicked Local
North Shore Under Drought Watch. The Salem News
Danvers Tightens its Water Restrictions. The Salem News

June 2016
Stream Teamers take part in Paddle-a-thon. Topsfield Wicked Local
Fish, aesthetics, property values at stake with Ipswich dam. Ipswich Wicked Local
North Reading Town Meeting votes to join MWRA, will hook up to Reading for water. Daily Times Chronicle                                                                                                                                            Calendar: Happening Around Beverly. Ipswich Wicked Local
Around Ipswich. Ipswich Wicked Local
Essex County Community Foundation honors philanthropic leaders. Danvers Herald

May 2016                                                                                                                                                         Openings, closings, events and more north of Boston. The Boston Globe
Helping fish climb a ladder to survival in Ipswich. Ipswich Wicked Local
Town moves toward water agreement with North Reading. Daily Times Chronicle
Gas and water just doesn’t mix for Lynn Group.
Ipswich River Watershed Association to host paddling fundraiser. Ipswich Wicked Local

April 2016
Pipeline opponents plan to pack hearings. Salem News
Climate Change Column: Pipeline opposition grows without big media. Ipswich Chronicle

March 2016
Ipswich Ale Brewery to Mark 25th Anniversary with Riverbend Pils.
Concerns raised about proposed pipeline. Danvers Herald
Castonguay reels in award from Trout Unlimited.
Residents have concerns, want more information on pipeline. Salem News.

February 2016
Ipswich conservationist lured by saving fish. Ipswich Chronicle
Ipswich’s Castonguay to receive conservation award. Boston Globe
Nor’East Chapter Trout Unlimited to honor Ipswich native for conservation efforts. Ipswich Chronicle

January 2016
Climate Change column: Ipswich students look to a greener future. Ipswich Chronicle
Ipswich High Students strive to make town sustainable. Salem News

November 2015
Great Marsh Vulnerable to Climate Change. Ipswich Chronicle

October 2015
Pipeline forum a calm evening. Salem News
Our view: A daunting task for pipeline’s opponents. Salem News
MassPowerForward Launch North Shore Node, You Tube

September 2015
North Shore advocates fight for Clean Energy, Danvers Herald
Educational kiosk installed in Reading Town Forest, Reading Chronicle
Opponents Work to Prevent Pipeline, Salem News

August 2015
Our View: Ipswich River is Key in Gas Pipeline Fight, Salem News
State Grants Money for Local Climate Change Studies, Salem News

July 2015
River vs. Pipeline, Ipswich Chronicle
A Kayaking Adventure on the Ipswich River, Tri-Town Transcript
New Road Signs Highlight the Ipswich River and its Headwaters in Wilmington, Hamilton Wenham Patch
Ipswich Mills Dam removal in study phase, Salem News

June 2015
A Shame to See Dam Go?
Frack Off, Herbicides.
Ipswich Editorial: Dog Waste. Ipswich Chronicle
Camera Counts Fish at Ipswich Dam. Ipswich Chronicle
Conservationist raises alarm about pipeline project along Ipswich River. Salem News

May 2015
Task Forces Formed Among Great Marsh Communities to Study Impact of Coastal Storms, Newburyport Daily News

April 2015
Gas Pipeline Proposed Through West Peabody, Salem News

February 2015
South Middleton Dam Removal Funded with Grant from The Trust, Tritown Transcript

January 2015
Major Gas Pipeline Continues to Change Course, Woburn Daily Times
A Big Year for the Ipswich River, Ipswich Chronicle

September 2014
A #StrongAfterSandy Featured Community: The Communities of Great Marsh, YouTube USFWS

July 2014
Part II: Cleaning Up the River, Ipswich Chronicle
Cleaning Up the River, Ipswich Chronicle
Despite drenching, local water bans stiffen, Salem News
$2.9m in US aid brightens future of Great Marsh, Boston Globe
Educational Tour Features Smartphone Application, Boston Globe

May 2014
Divergent opinions on proposed water regs at Wilmington hearing, Lowell Sun

March 2014
Editorial: Dog Waste Effects Pile up in Ipswich, Ipswich Chronicle
Crucial Ipswich River Fish Count Upcoming, Ipswich Chronicle
Topsfield Partners with Greenscapes, Tri-Town Transcript
Opinion: Water Withdrawal Policies Wrong, Newburyport Daily News

December 2013
MWRA May Be a Solution to a Town’s Water Needs, Boston Globe

November 2013
Removing Roadblocks Along Ipswich River, Tri-Town Transcript, Middleton

October 2013
Old Gardens a Mixed Blessing, Ipswich Chronicle

September 2013
Collateral Damage at the Ipswich Mills Dam, Ipswich Chronicle

August 2013
Ipswich River Making Progress, Salem News

July 2013
Ipswich Senior Living Facility Breaks Ground

June 2013
Watershed Council Makes Splash for Ipswich River. Ipswich Chronicle.

December 2012
Mass moves to save water resources. Boston Globe

September 2012
Ipswich River Watershed Assoc. Awarded Grant. Ipswich Chronicle
Ipswich River Watershed Association Awarded Grant from License Plates Fund. Hamilton-Wenham Patch

July 2012
Dam removal a step toward river renewal. The Boston Globe
The Ipswich River Watershed Association hires new Executive Director. Middlesex East

June 2012
Ipswich River Watershed Association’s Next Leader Named. Reading-North Reading Patch

May 2012
Essex County Greenbelt elects board, honors conservationist. Newburyport News
Ipswich River Dams May Be Going. Danvers Herald

April 2012
Ipswich River hits Record Low. Salem News
Ipswich Singer Gives Voice to Important Causes. Newburyport Current

February 2012
Lauded Advocate of Rivers Retires. Boston Globe
No Water Woes for Region — yet.   The Salem News
Ipswich Gets Money for Farley Brook Project. The Salem News
Ipswich River Watershed Association head to retire. Wicked Local Ipswich Chronicle

December  2011
Dam removal is best option, Newburyport Daily News
IRWA Opposes Canter Brook Hamilton Subdivision, Wicked Local Hamilton
Canter Brook Housing Project May Face ZBA, Hamilton-Wenham Patch