Water Conservation Resources

Saving water is easy, saves money and saves our rivers too!

The EPA WaterSense website has a wealth of information about what you can do to save water — and you’ll save energy, money and the environment at the same time! We are a WaterSense Partner.  Here is specific information on water-saving showerheads, toilets, faucets, clothes washers and dishwashers.

Saving water outdoors is especially important. We are a partner in Greenscapes North Shore, a program to help residents and businesses have attractive lawns and landscapes with less water and chemicals.

Water Saving Resources

Educational Resources For Kids

Water Conservation for Children – Berkey Filters

USGS Water Resources: Education – Learn About Water

PartSelect’s Teaching Kids about Water Conservation

Utah Division of Water Resources Water Conservation for Kids

New York City’s Water Saver’s Workbook

Kids Water, Use it Wisely

EPA WaterSense Kids

General Water Saving Information

Home Water Conservation Guide

25 Best Ways to Conserve Water (awesome infographic)

Every Last Drop

Water Conservation: 110+ Ways to Save Water

The State of Washington’s Department of Ecology web site

EPA’s Watersense web site

South Florida Water Management Distric, Water Conservation Program

Friends of Water

American Rivers’ Where Does My Water Come From?

Wasting Water is Weird

National Geographic’s Environment Freshwater Campaign

Kohler’s Save Water America Campaign

How to Go Green in the Bathroom article

The Nature Conservancy’s Where Does Your Water Come From?

EPA’s How’s My Waterway?

Wendy Pabich, PhD; Becoming Water Wise

The Water’s Worth It Toolkit

Tips Resources

Water Use it Wisely

FiveCentNickle.co: Places where you can save water at home

Eartheasy, Solutions for Sustainable Living

American Water and Energy Savers Save Water 49 Ways

American River 10 Ways to Save Water

Never Waste Water Bottle

Home Water Works – water conservation tips

Technical Information

Lower My Energy Bill: Looking for the best Shower Head?

H2OUSE, links on fixtures and appliances and other great links

MA DEP drinking water info with links from there to other pages like Conservation Tips for Community Water Suppliers

Water Use It Wisely, Indoor plumping water saving products

elocal blog “How much water is your home wasting?”

houselogic: Saving Water

Our publications and resources on water savings:

How to Save Water (pdf)
Water-Wise Lawns(pdf)

IRWA has developed a Regional Water Conservation Plan that provides guidelines and minimum standards for water conservation programs in the watershed. It was unanimously adopted by the Ipswich River Watershed Management Council.

Regional Water Conservation Plan (pdf)

IRWA and Mass Audubon produced a Water Conservation Report Card for the 14 communities that use the Ipswich River basin for their public water supply. The Report Card grades each town’s performance in six categories related to water use, including water use trends, residential water use, seasonal water use, non-account water, records and reports, and water rates.

Water Conservation Report Card (2002) (pdf) (We hope to update this in 2012.)

Balancing the Water Budget in Ipswich, MA: Model Financing Mechanisms for Integrated Water Resources Management (2007) provides detailed recommendations on two key programs: a water demand mitigation program and a stormwater utility.

Download the report in PDF format:

Download individual chapters in PDF format:

Analysis of Water Offset Programs for Implementation in the Ipswich River Watershed, Massachusetts, surveyed the landscape of financing programs across the United States, including water banks and stormwater utilities. The report was produced in 2006 by Krista Anderson as a masters project for the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. It offers recommendations for a comprehensive water offset program to improve streamflows in the Ipswich River watershed. Download the report in PDF format: