Images on the Water

On Sunday, November 5th our Riverbend headquarters was host to the first annual Images on the Water photography show. Sixteen local photographers presented over 30 images of natural beauty in the Ipswich River watershed. The watershed’s land extends to 21 different communities; 40% of the land area is protected open space. This wealth of natural areas is not only essential to the health of the river, but also provides a bounty of visual delights.

It was these natural sights that the participating photographers were asked to capture and showcase. They returned with a wide ranging and engaging line-up. Visions of misty woodland trails stood alongside abstracted water ripples and ice-enshrouded landscapes. Some images highlighted natural textures through the use of black and white, while color lent others an atmospheric quality. Our Riverbend office was transformed  by these beautiful photographs and we were sad to see them leave! However, the sales generated over $1,000 in donations for the organization, which will go towards supporting our work protecting the beautiful river.

The opening of the show was well attended and more people came through our headquarters in the following week to view the photos.  The walls of Riverbend, as well as Ipswich River staff, eagerly await next year’s show. For now, our curtains are flung wide to our own permanent view of the lovely Ipswich River.


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